Monday, August 13, 2007

Shoot the Freak, I say

The weeks are slipping. I got a new job as a paralegal at a top 10 law firm. This will be a big change from being a pastry chef for a number of reasons. It will not be nearly as sweaty, I am much less likely to come home from work covered in chocolate and pastry cream, I will get paid more money, have weekends off, and get health care. Does this mean I'm growing up?

Scott, Julio, Jeff and Brett drove in from Los Angeles on Saturday...perfect timing as I was starting to get more than a little bit homesick. We went to Coney Island, rode the Wonder Wheel, and ate original Nathan's hot dog! My hot dog was covered with sauteed onions and made me feel sick to my stomach, so I got a pistachio ice cream cone for $3.00 at Denny's (not the diner) to help make it feel better. It tasted a little like kool-whip...which means to say...delicious.

Today we're going to Chinatown. I'm not going to buy any living sea creatures this time. But maybe I'll buy a knock-off Fendi hand bag.



Burt said...

how much can you never get enough of the wonder wheel?

Rachel said...

connie, i'm so pleased you have a real job with a real income! my turn next, please!

Rachel said...

(i apologize for using the same word twice in adjacent sentences. that kind of thing really irks me and i'll never forgive myself.)