Friday, June 8, 2007

The San Fernando Valley, All Hail

Northridge, California

Best known for the disasterous '94 earthquake (the epicenter of which, upon further investigation, was found to be more likely located in sunny, neighboring Reseda) and the '94 Northridge Little League baseball team (who just barely lost out on the title of World Champions to a power-house Venezualan team), Northridge, California is home to 85,000 Valley folk, countless strip malls, a whole lotta porn, and not much else.

This is my limbo. Here, I tetter on the tipping point between collegiate life and whatever is next. Here, I mostly lounge around pool side in my bikini, avoiding Jehovah's Witness and responsibility. Here, I bake a lot of cakes.
Last night, my Meyer lemon sponge cake with cardamom-lemon pudding was quite successful. I ate it rather quickly.
Cakes are mostly a distraction.
My next distraction will be Veganism.

My four years at University of California, Berkeley are over; I have no idea what to do. I have -20.97$ in my bank account. I attribute my dependance on academia and its unfaltering structure to America's institutionalization of extended childhood (God love us) and my own narcissistic desire to be the smartest girl in the world! So far, I have been incredily unsuccessful due to lack of direction, indecision, and laziness.
This blog is a distraction.
Here's to it! And here's to unknowing.

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